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The Creative Journal of Bryan Crump

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13 February
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Artist, Creator, Designer, Guy with three tattoos, etc... I do some modeling as well, but that is a spur of the moment thing unless I get paid, then I am just working with friends to build my portfolio and one day get some acting work. Anyway you wanna know more read the journal.
adventure, anime conventions, anime expo, aquariums, art, aspirations, astral projection, australia, ball pythons, beauty, beethoven, bela lugosi, black, black and white, bodypainting, books, boots, bunnys, camping, cassandra peterson, cheezy horror, chopin, classic horror, classical music, clubbing, computers, cooking, cosplay, creative writing, creativity, creature features, creatures, d&d, dancing, darkwave, daydreaming, desire, development, devotion, digital cameras, dragons, drawing, dream, dreaming, dreams, education, evanescence, f/x, fantasy, fifth element, final fantasy, firedancing, fishing, fun, fx makeup, gaming, gardening, geisha, genetics, geology, glamour, good people, goth, graphic design, growth, gundam wing, hair, human factor, humanity, iguanas, individuality, inspiration, italian food, knotts, knowledge, lily munster, live shows, love, lunchboxes, magic mountain, makeup, messy hair, metal, mexican food, ministry, monster makeup, mp3's, music, mythology, nature, networking, painting, passion, past, pasta, penguins, people, photography, pinup, pitch black, psychology, punk, radiohead, reading, rockabilly, role playing games, running with scissors, sci-fi, scream queens, sculpture, self-awareness, sexiness, slr cameras, special effects, special fx makeup, spirituality, staind, stars, sushi, swimming, switchblade symphony, tank girl, tattoos, tears for fears, the church, the sisters of mercy, timelords, tori amos, truth, type o negative, vampire hunter d, victorian corset covers, vintage attire, web design, women